Part No: DN-SOLOIL00340-110V, Rapa Oil Solenoid Valve BV01 L2, 110V


Rapa Oil Solenoid Valve Type: BV01 L2 (100% ED)
1/8", 110V, 50Hz, 8W, M13, IP54
c/w connecting plug & 1 meter cable





Dunphy burners are used worldwide in a range of applications including heat and steam generation, laundries,
CHP systems, air handling, utilities treatment processes, incineration, waste to energy and gasification.
Our burners fit all makes and types of boiler, oven, furnace, fluidised bed, kiln and heat treatment plant.

Dunphy gas boosters provide a maximum pressure lift of 120mbars and a maximum volume of 3000m3/hr.
Features include:
- cast iron construction for high levels of safety
- low noise
- flat curve characteristic making it ideal for multiple burner applications
- high efficiency, backward bladed fan mounted on a twin bearing supported precision ground shaft
- ATEX versions available
- variable speed drive options available


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