International Combustion Technic Pte Ltd was established in 1989 with the objective to provide a professional service for industrial combustion & heating systems such as steam boilers, process heating and oil/ gas burner systems.

We provide engineering services for maintenance, repair and upgrading. We do also supply new boilers, oil/ gas burner systems, control components and replacement parts.



Our company mission is to provide a professional service support and our aim is full customer satisfaction.  We are committed to supply products of high quality and a comprehensive after sales service.



Oil & Gas burner systems:

  1. Dunphy, UK.
  2. Weishaupt, Germany.
  3. Limpsfield, UK.

Burner Controls:

  1. Siemens, Germany
  2. Autoflame, UK

Fuel Oil Pumps, Nozzles and Controls:

  1. HP Technic, Germany: Pumps, filters and pressure regulators.
  2. Suntec, France: Oil Pumps.
  3. Monarch, USA. Oil Nozzles.
  4. Fluidics, Holland: Oil Nozzles.

Gas controls:

  1. Dungs, Germany: Solenoid valves, regulators and burner controls.
  2. Itron, Germany: Flow meters and High-Pressure Regulators.
  3. Siemens, Germany: Motorized Gas Valves.
  4. Jevons, UK: High Pressure Regulators.
  5. Krom & Schroder, Germany, Gas controls, gas burners

City Gas Booster:

  1. Dunphy, UK
  2. Utile, UK

Flue Gas Analysers:

  1. Ecom, Germany, Portable flue gas analysers.
  2. Autoflame, UK: Permanent installed flue gas analysers.
  3. SK Environmental, UK: Smoke density meters.

Steam Boiler Controls:

  1. Gestra, Germany: Level controls, non-return valves, TDS controls.
  2. Autoflame, UK: Level controls, TDS controls.

Replacement Parts:

We stock and supply replacement parts for all brands and types of boilers, burners and their control systems.