Part No: AU-MM82004/E, Mk8 E.G.A. Evo Sampling Unit

Mk8 E.G.A. Evo Sampling Unit O2, CO2, CO & NO analyser,
12.1" full colour touch screen

- Continuous Emission Monitoring
- Monitor & Reduce Boiler Emissions
- O2, CO2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2 Analysis
- Temperature, Pressure, H2O content
- Stores 3 years of Emissions Data
- 3 Parameter Combustion Trim
- Maintain Safe, Efficient Combustion
- 12" HD Touch-Screen
- Safe Combustion Limits
- Emissions Data Totalisation
- Extract All Data to PC Instantly
- Live Emissions Reporting
- Modbus Connectivity
- EPA Self Calibration Model
- Proven Over 30+ Years
- Ideal for Boilers, Diesel Engines, kilns, Dryers & Generators
- MCPD Compliance
- Integrated, Cost Effective Solution
Click for catalogue: EGA-EVO-Brochure
Click for instruction manual: Mk8-EGA-EVO-Setup-Guide-MM82004E-04.12.2019





Autoflame has a proud history going back as far as 1968 – starting small and growing to become a world leader in boiler monitoring and emissions reduction technology.
Revolutionising the industry, achieved first patent in 1982 through the invention of the first-of-its-kind microprocessor-based linkage-less combustion controller, the MK1 MM.


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